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...and the law...

Under British law, there are very specific regulations that apply to vehicle registration plates not only in terms of size, shape, colour and lettering etc but also with regard to proving a person's entitlement to buy replacement plates for any given vehicle.


On 1st December, 2005, the DVLA changed the documentation required to buy a number plate. The following now applies - In order to obtain a number plate you will have to prove verification of your current personal details and proof of entitlement to the registration mark quoted.


At least one original document from each of the lists below is required. The combination of documents must be sufficient to verify your name, address and entitlement.

List 1 : Proof of Identity

A driving license whether or not issued in the United Kingdom (with or without a photograph). This is preferred because it is a secure, government-issued document showing both name and address.


A current bill issued by an electricity, gas or water supplier, a landline telephone bill or a council tax bill.


A passport (whether or not issued in the United Kingdom).


A national identity card issued by the Government of a state or territory other than the United Kingdom.


A debit or credit card issued by a bank or building society (the requirement for a photograph no longer applies)


A police warrant card


An armed forces identity card


List 2 : Proof of Entitlement

The preferred document is a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)


The tear-off slip (V5C/2) from V5C (Section 10)


Certificate of entitlement to a mark (V750)


Cherished transfer retention document (V778)


Vehicle license renewal form (V11)


Temporary registration certificate (V379)


Authorisation certificate (V948) with official DVLA stamp


A letter of authorisation from a fleet operator (including a lease’hire company). The letter must quote the document reference number from the V5C. Quoting the vehicle identification number is no longer acceptable.


Record of the insurer’s name, refernce and policy number (for repairs approved by an insurance company).

Generally speaking, replacement number plates can be done in under an hour but not, unfortunately, on a “while you wait” basis.


There are, however, numerous shops on Sea Road including a branch of Sainsbury’s and several cafés.


Also, we are only a few minutes walk from the coast so if the weather’s nice you can take the sea air while we make your replacement number plate!